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The Belial Series in Order

1. The Belial Stone

2. The Belial Library

3. The Belial Ring

4. Recruit: A Belial Novella

5.  The Belial Children

6. The Belial Origins

7. The Belial Search

8. The Belial Guard

9. The Belial Warrior

10. The Belial Plan

11. The Belial Witches

12. The Belial War

13. The Belial Fall

14. The Belial Sacrifice


The Belial Series 

The Belial Series includes R.D. Brady's first publication, The Belial Stone. Read by hundreds of thousands, the series follows Delaney McPhearson as she learns of her destiny and that the world is not what she once thought.  The history of mankind is much longer than historian would have you believe, and that long history has laid the seeds for the world changing events that Laney must help stop.


What Readers Are Saying About the Belial Series

“Between the characters and the fast pace, I couldn't put this down.”

“This is a work of fiction which put my brain to work and my imagination on over-time!”

“This story is a non stop action fun and has it all: action adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, suspense, romance.”

“One of those joys of life that keep you up WAY past reasonable hours.”

“I found characters that were smart, intelligent, humorous and had connections with history and syfy! Ancient aliens and great historical writing makes these books a best read for people who love syfy, mystery, a hint that of romance and like on the edge of your seat reading. This series is the quintessential good read.”

“This is a totally gripping tale that I can't put down. I don't want it to end.”

“I love love love this series. RD Brady makes learning fun while reading this book and her writing is one of a kind. I can't wait to continue reading.”