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Thanks for stopping by! It’s never easy to start a new author. I get it. If you're looking for the best book to start with, I recommend The Belial Stone – archaeology, action, history all rolled into one.


But I get it if you’re not ready to take that leap. How about a FREE full length novel to see what you think? It’s listed below.  (DUST is the prequel to The Unwelcome Trilogy: a mix of action, science, heart, and aliens.)

You can also check out my reader’s guide to give you an overview of my books and see what you're options are. So poke around the website and see if anything catches your fancy.

Happy Reading,

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Death comes for us all.
But it was never supposed to catch her.

The events on the clifftop in Mesa National Park shattered the hopes and dreams of millions. It snuffed out a light in the dark days befalling the world. And the Chandler community has no idea how to move forward from this unimaginable loss. Everything seems uncertain. Every action seems futile.

But one woman knows what the future holds. She knows where the path from here leads. She alone sees it clearly.

And she knows that the events in Colorado were only the beginning of the pain to come.


"R.D Brady is a master of developing strong female characters that are the perfect blend of fragile humanity and kick ass hero."



"As always, parts of R.D. Brady's books leave me breathless."


"All I can say is BRILLIANT story telling at its best...You made me cry R.D. Brady!!"


"This is how you write a present-day science fiction thriller with more twists and turns than a go kart full of monkeys on meth!"

The apocalypse was only the beginning . . . 
Dust, the exclusive full-novel prequel to the popualr science fiction thrillers, The Unwelcome Trilogy

The last ruling Tsar of Russia,

A car bombing in London thirty years ago,

An assault in Queens today


All are linked by a secret with global ramifications.

"An edge of your seat thrill ride!"

The Vienna Deception, a new spy thriller from RD Brady

The  apocalypse was only the beginning ...

In a world that seems determined to wipe out the human race, Lyla Richards will do whatever it takes to keep her family safe.



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