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The system let them down.

Nola James won't

"So hard to put down. This is a book you fall into and wrap around yourself to the end." 

“If you love being pulled into a story & feeling like you're in the middle of the action, you will love Nola James, the enforcer/ninja will have you hooked!”

“This was the best book I’ve read in quite a while!!!”

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A female equalizer. 
A young runaway. 
A ruthless rabbit hole of corruption.

Ex-CIA agent Nola James is determined to get justice for those the police ignore. So when a poor, straight-A student goes missing in a small town outside Atlanta, Nola vows to bring her home. But in a case that already cuts close to her own wounded heart, she discovers the teenager is only the latest girl to vanish into gangland vice.

Fearing for the naive victims, Nola channels her boiling rage into working alone. But as she pushes further into a shadowy conspiracy, even her lethal fists and deadly marksmanship may not be enough to save innocent lives.

Can Nola free the captives before she is silenced?

Justice is blind. 
But Nola James is lethal. 

Since the events in Georgia six months ago, the battle to help those the system has left behind has not slowed for former CIA operative Nola James. 

Rafael Ortiz and his two children have been living under the protection of the United States government for nearly a year. But now with both a Mexican cartel and MS-13 on their trail, they have nowhere to turn and no safe harbor. 

Now Nola must reach the Ortizes before the other dangerous players in this life-ending game of cat and mouse do. She must pull out all the stops to protect a family who has already been through too much. 

And in the end, no matter what she does, Nola will come to realize that to protect the Ortizes there is truly only one choice: run or die. 

The suicide of a young co-ed sends ex-CIA agent Nola James to a powerhouse football university looking for answers. 

The University of Richmond has a phenomenal football program. A program that brings in millions to the school and its boosters. But behind all the glitz and glam is a dark secret: someone on the campus is raping young women and getting away with it.

Nola James will find who the college and its boosters are protecting. But to do so, she needs to untangle a web of desperation and cover-ups. This case though cuts a little too close to home, taking Nola back to one of her first experiences with injustice when she was a girl.

This time though, she’s older, wiser, and even more determined to see the guilty pay. But the rich and powerful have been hiding behind the rules to keep their program protected and their wallets fat. And they’re not going to give up without a fight.

Which is exactly what Nola intends to give them.

A life changing tragedy set Nola James on her quest for justice.
She thought she couldn’t be hurt like that again.
She was wrong.

Nola James pulls no punches when it comes to getting justice for victims. There are no rules, no limits to what she will do to make the guilty pay.

In that quest though, it’s been a delicate balance to keep the dark reaches of her soul from consuming her. But a threat to someone Nola loves may force her to fully embrace that darkness. Because this time, the predator has struck right at Nola’s heart.

This predator, though, is no easy mark. His threats place limits around how Nola can respond. To keep the one close to her heart safe, she must play by his rules.

But this is a lethal game. One that Nola is determined to win at all costs . . . even if the cost is her life.

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