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The Gates
Artemis Series

The Iphigenesis realm was created

as a safe haven for mythological creatures.

But it needs a protector.

And Lucy Cole just found out she's next in line.

She is sooo not ready.

"I was hesitant at first since it was a young adult novel but RD has done what she always does. Captivated my imagination and let me escape my life for a while."


"This is the type of book and storytelling that first got me hopelessly hooked on the fantasy/sci-fi/action genre."


"I started reading this collection of books to see if they would be something my nieces would enjoy. I really enjoyed them myself!"


Mythological creatures are real.
They live in the world of Iphigenesis.
A world Lucy Cole just discovered she's destined to protect. 

Before fourteen-year old Lucy Cole can process that insanity, her soon-to-be adopted mother Elodie is kidnapped. The only way to save her is to track down the Key of Apollo, a key that hasn't been seen in thousands of years. To succeed, Lucy must embrace her destiny and overcome the Primordial Trials, tests set up by the gods themselves.

So armed with little to no knowledge of the world of Iphigenesis, one best friend who trips over his own feet, and another who could get blown over by a strong breeze, Lucy is about to take on the challenges of the gods. What could possibly go wrong?

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Lucy Cole is a Daughter of Artemis, a guardian of all animals and the world of Iphigenesis. With the help of the legendary Titans, she’s trained for the last few months now that she has come into her powers. 

She’s stronger than she’s ever been. She’s about to be adopted by Elodie. Everything’s perfect.


In sleep, Lucy finds herself falling into a different world, without using a gate. The world is full of ruins and creatures she’s never seen or heard of before. 

She doesn’t understand what’s happening or how. But she knows she needs to figure out why she keeps slipping into this ancient world before she can no longer slip back out.

Battling Titans? Check.
Overcoming the Primordial Trials? Check.
Getting the hang of this whole Daughter of Artemis thing? Check.
Listening to a crazy smart friend who warns things are about to get bad? Uh, well . . .

If there’s one thing Lucy Cole is good at, it’s shoving things she doesn’t want to think about to the back of her mind. So when her friend Desmond tells her a prophesy about the ancient gods returning, that’s exactly what she does.

But then things start to get weird. And for someone who’s been yanked into different worlds and faced down mythological creatures, that’s really saying something.

All signs point to something bad on the horizon, as in the gods returning bad.

And Lucy realizes she really should have listened to Desmond . . .

“This is the type of book and storytelling that first got me hopelessly hooked on the fantasy/sci-fi/action genre.”

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