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The events in Egypt
weren't the end.

They were only the beginning.

"This is a must read for all RD Brady fans! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" 

"Addictive! A flawless blend of alternate history and science fiction!" 

"Absolutely kept me reading till the wee hours." 

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The Fallen are gone.
The world is at peace.
But the belief that the danger they pose has vanished is only an illusion. 

For the last seven years Delaney McPhearson has led a quiet life. She’s used her notoriety to start charitable works across the globe.

Yet her world remains unsettled. Max’s prophesy for the future lays heavily on her mind. She’s kept that message of a violent showdown from her friends and family, wanting them to enjoy the peace they’ve so painfully earned. For Laney though, each moment of joy is accompanied by a ticking clock counting down.

And now the ticking has stopped.

An old enemy returns and is trying to turn back the clock to a time when the Fallen had their powers. Laney must jump into the fight again. But after so much time, is she still up to the task?

A heart breaking disappearance leads to an even more devastating re-emergence.
And nothing will ever be the same again. 

Life without Delaney McPhearson has not been easy. Yet difficult as it may be, for those who love her, life must go on.

Years have now passed since Delaney was last seen, but the governments of the world won’t leave her in peace. Events across the globe point to a re-emergence of the Fallen and governments are wondering aloud what Delaney’s role is in their appearance.

Those close to Laney though discover a disturbing pattern linking the re-emergence to one of the cruelest chapters in world history. As the body count rises, the struggle to find the truth matches its pace.

But this search won’t be confined to the premiere museums of the world or stuffy old texts. No, this one will take them to the very ends of the Earth.

The violence in Antarctica was only the beginning . . . 

A new enemy has appeared on the world stage. Gedeon Malik and his followers move with the speed and power of the Fallen, but they are not Fallen.

The Fallen no longer exist. Delaney McPhearson and countless others sacrificed a great deal to make sure of that.

But Laney fears this threat is just as grave as the one posed by Elisabeta. And it looks as if the danger is only increasing, not just to Laney, but to the ever-expanding group of people she cares for.

Keeping everyone safe seems an impossible task. But Laney and her team have done the impossible before. Those successes, though, were when most of Laney’s allies had the abilities of the Fallen that levelled the playing field against a highly powered enemy. Now, only Laney has the innate ability to go up against Gedeon. And she knows she alone will not be enough.

The only option that might turn the tide is a radical one. But will it work or just take more of their players off the field? And if it does work, will even that be enough? Or after everything Laney and her crew have been through together, have they finally run into one enemy that they simply can’t defeat?

The greatest secret of Solomon’s Temple is about to be revealed . . .

Delaney McPhearson survived her latest brush with Gedeon but the rug was still pulled from under her.

Drake is alive.

Laney won’t stop until she saves him from Gedeon. But Drake is not the only one in Laney’s circle that Gedeon covets. And just like Laney, he won’t stop until he has them in his clutches.

Searching for Drake, trying to protect the ones she loves, and protecting the world from Gedeon has Laney crisscrossing the globe leading to the ultimate showdown in one of the oldest temples known to man.

And the outcome of that showdown will change everything.


A warning thousands of years in the making.
And a future that they may be too far down the path to avoid.

Mysteries swirl fast and furious around Delaney McPhearson. In fact, everything is moving too fast for Laney to even catch her breath.

And she needs to breathe in order to face the challenge ahead of her.

Tough decisions need to be made. Laney has never been one to shy away from life’s realities. But this reality may be more than she can bear. Because what if all the fighting and sacrificing has been for nothing?

What if it’s already too late to change humanity’s fate?

Delaney McPhearson’s greatest longing has come true.
But you know what they say, be careful what you wish for.

Ever since the events of Egypt, Laney has felt Drake’s absence like a physical pain. The hole in her chest that was created by his death became her constant companion.

Now though, she has him back, at least physically. But mentally, it’s a different story all together.

Once again though the world is clamoring for her attention, keeping her from letting Drake be her sole focus.

The Moses Papers are still out there. Laney is determined to get them before Samyaza.

But there are forces that working against her. And one of those forces is awfully close to home.

The secrets of Egypt’s most controversial pharaoh may hold the key to humanity’s future . . .

One goal achieved, but an apocalypse still to prevent.
And it’s not getting any easier for Delaney McPhearson and her people.

But for once Laney doesn’t want to focus on the problems of the world. She wants the world to stop turning for a little while so she can bask in the return of Drake. Yet again though the world is not clamoring for the aid that only she can provide.

It’s a race against time and Samyaza to see who can translate the Moses Papers first. And this is one race Laney can’t lose, or else the world will be the one that pays the price.

The devastation was predicted thousands of years ago.
And it will only be the first of many . . .

A global disaster thrusts Delaney McPhearson and her people into rescue mode. The Belial are put on the back burner while they join the global relief efforts.

But while Laney and her allies are busy, others are plotting.

Others are planning.

Others are ready to strike.

An ancient site holds the key to unlocking the truth about the end of days.
But Delaney McPhearson is in no condition to take on this particular challenge.

With the world on the brink of collapse and the Chandler Group in disarray, Laney must stay one step ahead of the US government and uncover the truth behind a new global crisis.

But as the clock ticks and chaos reigns, will Delaney have the strength to save humanity before it's too late?

Or will the end of days mark the final downfall of mankind?

A dangerous secret entwined within one of the world’s most iconic artifacts is poised to reshape reality as we know it.

The actions of an increasingly erratic US President has left Delaney McPhearson’s people scattered and in disarray. As she fights to reunite her fractured group, Laney uncovers a chilling truth: one of the world's most renowned artifacts holds a secret that will only be unveiled in the final days.

As events spiral out of control, long-dormant secrets resurface, revealing a hidden reality that has remained concealed from humanity throughout history. With each revelation, the veil is lifted, exposing a world on the brink of collapse.

In a race against time, Laney must navigate a treacherous web of deception, betrayal, and ever-deepening mysteries. And this time, the secrets will keep coming until the very. Last. Page.

An ancient figure has stepped forward through the mists of time.
But is a she a friend or a foe?

Across the globe, nations are fortifying their boundaries, hoping to shield their inhabitants from the looming menace of the Fallen. The once sturdy pillars of diplomacy are crumbling, threatening to plunge the world into chaos. Suspicion and mistrust run rampant, turning allies into potential adversaries.

No less concerning, Ezekiel's identity has been revealed. But her intentions are wrapped in mystery. Is she an ally in the fight against the rising darkness, or yet another peril in a world teetering on the brink?

Standing at the epicenter of it all is Delaney McPhearson. The bullseye on her back has only grown larger as the world slips into chaos. Yet, she cannot simply hideaway.

Now as the shadows of the past creep into the present, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. As the scale tilts, the cost will be high. And by the time it's over, nothing will ever be the same.

Death comes for us all.
But it was never supposed to catch her.

The events on the clifftop in Mesa National Park shattered the hopes and dreams of millions. It snuffed out a light in the dark days befalling the world. And the Chandler community has no idea how to move forward from this unimaginable loss. Everything seems uncertain. Every action seems futile.

But one woman knows what the future holds. She knows where the path from here leads. She alone sees it clearly.

And she knows that the events in Colorado were only the beginning of the pain to come.

The most important trial in humanity’s history is about to begin . . .


The deaths on the clifftop have sent the world reeling. And no one is spinning out harder than Delaney McPhearson’s inner circle. A single solitary thought links them together: this can’t be true.


The truth though has been splayed across the world’s media in volent, high definition resolution. How can they deny what they see?


One thing that they’ve learned, though, is to never count Delaney out. And this situation is no different.It’s only more dire.

“Brady has done it again, a great beginning to the next Belial series, once you start you can't put it down. Moving, exciting, full of surprises, a great read, very impressive." 

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