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Millner's Kill is in for one killer storm

“A twisted tale that with many surprises. Never saw the end coming!”

“I picked up this book to "start" before bed and it was so good before I knew it was way past when I had planned on calling asleep and I finished it in one sitting. So riveting”

“I couldn't go to bed. Pure evil. This is MUST read. Excellent!”


A life threatening storm is the perfect hunting ground for a serial killer looking to play 

Ten years ago, Simone Granger was killed in the sleepy little town of Millners Kill. Steve Kane, then sixteen, was quickly arrested and convicted. But Steve knows he’s innocent. Someone else took the life of his best friend’s sister.

Now Steve is on parole, and he is forced to return to the town that hates him. Steve would rather be anywhere than Millners Kill, but at least in his hometown, he’s got his grandmother, his brother, and State Police Investigator Declan Reed on his side. And Steve intends to make no waves. He just wants to get his life back.

But someone else has different plans.

As the storm of the century hits Millners Kill, the bodies begin to pile up, and Steve is the only suspect. A town is losing its grip, and all their rage is focused on one man.

Steve knows he’s an innocent man. But will anyone give him a chance to prove it?

A vicious storm
A small town
A killer looking to settle old scores

Steve Kane has spent the last seven years trying to forget the events of Millners Kill. His brother is safely locked away. He has a job, a wife, a daughter, friends, and a life that years earlier seemed impossible.

But nothing stays safe forever.

Another storm is moving in. And this one places all those he loves in its path.

No one is protected. No one is safe. Because the wounds of Millners Kill run deeper than ever.

“Just when you think you know what's about to happen, some new twist comes and boom surprised. Really edge of your seat read.”

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