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The apocalypse was only the beginning . . .

"R.D Brady is a master of developing strong female characters that are the perfect blend of fragile humanity and kick ass hero."


"Once again Ms. Brady has created a story that sucks you right in - where you can't help but feel for each and every character and where you can't flip the pages fast enough to see what happens next."


"Like the Belial series, Ms. Brady has created a world and a cast of characters that comes alive on every page."


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Survivor, Warrior, Leader ... And Humanity’s Last Chance

Time is running out.

Not just for the Cursed, who are being hunted by the Unwelcome.

Not just for Lyla Richards and the ones she love who will face their greatest challenge yet.

But for the human race.

The fight for humanity’s future . . . or it’s annihilation . . . has begun.

For one family fighting back isn't a choice . . . it's the only option.
Lyla and her adopted sons Riley and Miles are all targeted by the alien force that took over an already fragile human race. In the chaos of the Unwelcome’s arrival and the struggle to survive that followed, no one asked one very basic questions: why are they here?

With no safe haven while constantly hounded, everyday is a struggle to survive. On the run, Lyla and the cursed are seeking those answers.

The answers, though, won’t do them any good if they don’t survive. And their chances of that are dropping by the minute . . .

It all comes down to one last fight . . .

"I turned pages fast, absorbing . . . no inhaling this story!!
Fabulous characters and creative, believable aliens!"

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