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People who don't learn their history . . . 

are doomed

“Kept me on the edge the whole time. Best thriller I've read in a while!”

"It is an incredible blend between history, religion, archeology and truly makes you question and second guess your comfort levels and makes you really start to re-think and THINK on whole different levels. Truly inspiring and I am most sincerely hooked!"

“This should be a TV series.”

Belial Stone.jpg

An ancient monolith unearthed in Montana holds the key to humanity's greatest secret.


      Professor Delaney McPhearson's life is turned upside down when her best friend, archaeologist Drew Masters, is found dead. Before she can deal with the heartbreaking loss, she is viciously attacked in her home by a man with inhuman fighting abilities.

      Former Navy SEAL and head of security for a global think tank, Jake Rogan drops everything when he learns his brother has gone missing. There seem to be no clues, no information about where he’s gone. He’s simply vanished. But Jake won't rest until he finds him.

      Joining forces, Laney and Jake realize their search for answers has apocalyptic ramifications circling around an eccentric archaeologist's work on Gobekli Tepe.

      The more they dig, the clearer it becomes that a secret lies buried at the very core of humanity’s history, a secret that has been kept hidden for millennia.

     A secret that may very well spell the destruction of humankind.

An ancient cache of knowledge . . .  With a very modern strike team after it

Delaney McPhearson is back in the second edge of your seat novel in the best-selling Belial Series. Over decades, evidence of an incredible treasure, hidden in the forests of Ecuador, had been gathered by a Roman Catholic priest. The rumors of the treasure date back to the Conquistadors and tales of storehouses filled with Incan gold.

But Professor Delaney McPhearson believes the treasure is older than the Incans. Much older. 

Rumor has it that as Atlantis was coming to an end, three libraries of knowledge and artifacts were hidden across the globe. Laney believes one of those hiding spots is the extensive tunnel system underneath Ecuador. 

Her research trip to determine the origins of the treasure quickly turns into a brutal race for survival. For another group is also looking for the collection. And they will eliminate anyone and anything in their way. Jake Rogan, former Navy SEAL and director of security for the Chandler Group, is a continent away when he learns of the danger Laney faces. But he will move heaven and earth to get to her in time. 

In the middle of the search is Henry Chandler, CEO of the Chandler Group. Henry has spent a lifetime knowing he is different. He’s always wanted to know why. The Ecuadorian library may hold the answers. Violence surrounds Laney, Jake, and Henry from the jungles of Ecuador and across the United States. The last time they became embroiled with an Atlantis site, they were saving the world. This time, the stakes are no less deadly but a lot more personal. 

Months ago, these three friends faced a supernatural threat and survived. They thought the experience was behind them. Little did they know, it was only just beginning ...


This time it's not her choice to fight . . .
it's her destiny.

In the last two years, Professor Delaney McPhearson has uncovered two Atlantis sites. Now, though, life has calmed down and all she wants to do is enjoy the peace with her love, Jake Rogan and those she cares about.

But Atlantis is not done with her yet.

Plans are in motion for Laney, Jake, and Henry Chandler that stretch back thousands of years and across the globe to a mysterious, ancient Egyptian necropolis. Everything Laney thought she knew about herself and her past will be turned on its head. She never dreamed the violence of the last year was only a taste of what was to come and that it would lead to her destiny.

But destiny, like fate, always comes with a cost. And this time the cost may be more than she can bear.

Lou Thomas thought she'd lost everything important to her.
She didn't realize there was one thing left for her to lose . . . her life

Life has not been easy for fifteen-year old Lou Thomas. In the last few years, her once happy family has been whittled down to just herself and her unreliable older sister Charlotte. It's been a daily struggle to make it through. 

And it's about to get worse.

Because Lou's abilities - enhanced strength, speed, and healing - have just awakened. While Lou may not understand what is happening to her, another group does. And they won't let anyone get in the way of gathering their new recruit.

Jennifer Witt, though, is determined to keep that from happening. She sees herself in the tough teenager and will do whatever is necessary to keep her safe. But how can you keep someone safe when they insist on running into danger?

All children should be safe from harm . . .Someone didn't get the message.

Life has not calmed down for Delaney McPhearson now that she has become the ring bearer. For the last few months, she, Henry Chandler, and Jake Rogan have been finding the camps of the teenage potentials left behind by Amar.

In their search, they've come across something they didn't expect: More children are missing but these children are younger - much younger.

One of the largest lines of investigation leads them to early American history and the legends of an ancient race of giants. But are they getting closer to the missing children or heading down a path that will only lead them farther away?

Together, Laney, Jake, and Henry have faced incredible odds together and won. But this time the cost feels that much steeper. Because this time it's not just their lives at risk - this time it's children who may pay the ultimate price.

Revelations, death and destiny.
The three forces have Delaney McPhearson's life for the last two years.
But the greatest revelation is yet to come . . . and the greatest sacrifice.

A powerful relic was hidden eons ago to protect mankind. If it’s uncovered, our world will change forever. But the Fallen are on its trail.

And they’re not the only ones.

The key to this ancient danger is none other than Victoria Chandler. No one knows who she really is, or more importantly, what her role is in the fight against the fallen angels. But Victoria’s time for secrecy is over. Now she must step out of the shadows and take her rightful place in mankind’s history.

Delaney McPhearson, Jake Rogan, and Henry Chandler’s fight against the Fallen will take them from ancient temples to natural wonders. But with every step, the danger will grow more severe and the stakes ever higher. And in this battle, not everyone will be standing when the dust clears.

The world is reaching a crisis point as an ancient threat re-emerges.
And the clock has just begun to tick on a whole new battlefront.

Delaney McPhearson is still reeling from the events in Heaven's Gate six months ago. Henry and Jake are physically healing and while Laney might look fine, not all wounds are so easy to see.

At the same time, the Fallen have made themselves known across the globe. Laney is being pulled from one crisis to another. But soon a new threat arises that requires all of her focus: Someone is targeting the people who are connected to the Fallen. And they are not distinguishing between the good and the bad.

The quest to stop the murders ranges across the Pacific and back in time to a dark period in human history when human sacrifices were commonplace. Laney will do whatever she must to stop these people. But the question is, will that be enough?

Delaney McPhearson has faced danger after danger.
And along the way she's lost a great deal. Some would say too much. 
But there is always more to lose.

For the first time, she has fully embraced who she is—and what’s expected of her. She’s ready to take on whatever her destiny puts in her path. At the same time, another power rises with a plan of its own. 

A plan that will have worldwide ramifications.

A plan that Laney won’t see coming until it’s too late.

A plan that will lead to Laney’s undoing.

The world has learned the legend of Helen of Troy, but not her story. 
Even the name by which she is known is not her true title.
She was Helen, Queen of Sparta and she was much more than a pretty face.

Delaney McPhearson has been made a public pariah. She barely escaped with her life from Colorado when law enforcement agents moved in. And she cannot take credit for that escape. No, that credit belongs to one man, Drake—Las Vegas entertainer, sabbatical-taking archangel, and consummate egoist.

Drake's help, though, is not without strings. He has an agenda too. He knows for Laney to move forward, she must first delve into her past—she must remember her life as Helen of Troy.

History has never truly known Helen. For hundreds of years cults celebrated her, well before Homer immortalized her in The Iliad as a woman who turned her back on her family and kingdom for a handsome face.

Yet as with many of history's greatest characters, the life of Helen of Troy is more than it seems. Now it's finally time for the most maligned woman in history to tell her side of the story.

All the strings are coming together.
Victoria, Laney, Drake, and Elisabeta are all on a collision course.
And no one will escape the fallout.

Six months have passed since Delaney McPhearson went missing. And during that time, things have not been going well for Jake Rogan. He's been heading up the search for Laney. Every lead he's run down has only led to frustration and disappointment.

But now, a situation has developed that steals his attention. And that's not the only thing that is being stolen - children are disappearing across the globe.

Jake has a new mission and a new goal - to find those children. Little does he know, though, that this new focus will lead to answers their months long searching have failed to provide.

The answers will lead to Laney.

Long before Delaney McPhearson learned of her destiny, a brave group of women defended a heritage that would one day aid us all.

The history of the forces working to protect the world extends far beyond the time of Delaney McPhearson. One of the first tests of those chosen to defend the good in the New World dates back to one of the uglier times in American history: the Salem Witch Trials.

The Followers of the Great Mother have long known the world is more than it seems. But escaping to the New World, they thought they had found a refuge.

But they should have known that when it comes to the Fallen, no place is safe.

Samyaza is done planning.
She is done waiting.
She is done hiding.

It's the final showdown. But Elisabeta is a strategist of the highest caliber. Everyone keeps telling Delaney McPhearson that she is up for the task. But she cannot forget the brutality Elisabeta has already inflicted.

And the first salvo in this new battle is more brutal than Laney could ever have imagined. The stakes have never been higher as Elisabeta expands her threats across the globe.

Laney can't help but ask herself if she is up for the task . . . and what happens to the world if she isn't?

Samyaza's death wasn't the end of the war between the forces of good and the forces of evil.
It was the beginning of a whole new fight.

Delaney McPhearson has been pulled from one crisis to the next since Samyaza's death. Trying to put out each fire as they pop up, while simultaneously trying to tamp down public fears about the Fallen, she is stretched impossibly thin.

And that's part of the plan: keep Laney so busy that she doesn't realize what her government is up to until it is too late.

Everyone related to Delaney is in the government's crosshairs. There is no way for Laney to protect them all. In fact, they made sure there was no way for her to protect any of them.

Delaney McPhearson is the only one with a chance to save a world gone mad.
But to save everyone else, Laney must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Since the coronation, Delaney McPhearson has been pulled from one crisis to another. She keeps moving forward, barely getting a chance to catch her breath.

Little does she know, it's not the obvious fires she needs to keep an eye on.

For there's a greater fire simmering just under the surface. Stretching across the globe, the fire will consume everyone it touches. And it's just waiting for a spark to set off an explosion that will change the world forever.

"The Belial series has been the greatest set of books I have ever read."

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