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Want to join R.D.'s launch team?

What is a launch team?

Good question!  A launch team is a group of people who receive RD’s books before anyone else and for free. 


Why would RD give away her books? 

For two reasons. One,  the launch team acts as beta readers. They read RD’s books and send her any typos or problems they see in the books.

And two, they leave reviews as soon as they finish the book. Books with reviews tend to sell better.


Benefits of being on the launch team:

You get to be part of an exclusive group.

You get RD’s books before anyone else.

You get RD’s books for free. 


Fill in the form below.


Thank you in advance! RD will reach out when she receives your form.


Email Address*

Link to a Review you've left for RD*

RD publishes pretty regularly (every two months). How often are you able/wanting to read and review new books?*


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