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Are we alone in the universe?

The U.S. government has known the answer for decades

And that answer is about to escape

"Wow! Love, love this book. Stayed up until 2 am because I couldn't put it down."

“Warning...start reading at your own peril as once you do you won’t want to stop.”

"Science fiction is most believable if the possibilities are real. The ALIVE book has that ring."

Reports of unknown objects in the sky date back hundreds of years. But since the early twentieth century, the frequency of those reports has increased dramatically. To combat the alien threat they see looming on the horizon, the US government initiated the A.L.I.V.E. (Alien Life In Vitro Experiment) Project.

Working from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dr. Maeve Leander has been in charge of Alvie, the first subject from the A.L.I.V.E. Project, for the last three years. But she's been part of the project much longer—ever since she was a child and her mother ran the project. But Alvie is more than just some experimental subject. He's family, the only family Maeve has left.

When a new agency takes over the A.L.I.V.E. Projects, though, Maeve learns that Alvie wasn't the only subject created. Caught in the middle of a giant war game, Maeve ends up in a race for her life. But this time it’s not just humans who are the combatants. 

As the violence increases and the chances for survival decrease, she realizes one terrifying truth: despite its name, the real goal of the projects is to make sure no one gets out alive.

Fans of Douglas E. Richards, Michael Crichton, and E.T. will love the A.L.I.V.E. Series! 

Reports of strange creatures began to be reported in the western half of the United States after the explosive incident at Area 51. In response, the U.S. government created the Department of Extraterrestrial and Alien Defense--D.E.A.D. for short. And with a name like that, what could possibly go wrong? 

When Dr. Maeve Leander escaped Area 51 with her unusual family, she knew the safety net provided by the President of the United States would only be short lived.

And she was right.

On the run, new allies join Maeve in her fight for her family's survival. But with each new person, the risk to Alvie and the triplets grows as do the questions: What do these new people want? Why are they helping them and what is their end game?

In all the uncertainty surrounding her, Maeve is sure of only one thing: she will do everything in her power to keep her family safe.

But with the United States government working against her, what chance does she have? What chance do any of them have?

Where do you hide when the world is searching for you? 

Dr. Maeve Leander and Captain Chris Garrigan are trusting Tilda Watson to keep Alvie, the triplets and their expanding circle of fugitives safe. Not that they have much choice. 

With dangerous forces within the U.S. government chasing them down, their list of safe harbors is down to one: an island long thought to be only myth.

But this new hiding spot is not as secure as it seems. For a new threat has entered the field of battle, a threat not of this Earth. And in this new existence, allegiances are as deadly and changeable as quicksand under their feet.

Martin Drummond will stop at nothing to find Maeve Leander and her family.
But the threat Martin offers pales in comparison to the world ending cataclysm that is now on the horizon . . .

Maeve Leader and her group has found a safe haven thanks to Adam Watson. But they all know its temporary. Martin Drummond has redoubled his efforts to find them.

Despite the tranquility of their surroundings, there’s no peace to be found for Maeve. She still doesn’t know the fate of Pop and Crackle and she has no way of contacting Agaren.

When Agaren finally makes contact, it is not to facilitate the joyful reunion Maeve had envisioned. The Council has an ultimatum for the people of Earth. One the people of Earth may not be able to meet. And if they don’t, the Council will exact a world shattering cost.


This was never part of the plan . . .

Dr. Greg Schorn is now working with the Department of Extraterrestrial and Alien Defense (D.E.AD.). And no one is more surprised than him. 

After the events in Norway, Greg was sure he would never go back into government work. Yet just a few short months later, he is back in the United States working at the new D.E.A.D. headquarters in upstate New York.

But it’s not the same D.EA.D. that existed under Martin Drummond’s tyrannical rule. That doesn’t mean things aren’t dire. The numbers aren’t adding up. And a slew of cases demonstrate that the creatures from Area 51 have made it into the suburbs, the very rich suburbs.

Greg though, knows they had a little help getting there.

One case leads to many and before Greg knows it, the guy voted most likely trip over his own feet is fighting for his life. 

Greg will need every ounce of courage he can summon to survive. But his survival is not his top priority. Because this foe has targeted someone close to Greg. And saving them will be Greg’s greatest act.

And possibly, his last.

A heart-shattering loss leads to a reality-shattering discovery . . .

Every bureaucracy has a rhythm, even the Department of Extraterrestrial and Alien Defense (D.E.A.D.). Dr. Greg Schorn has gotten used to that rhythm: go on assignment, take down a government-created alien hybrid, write up a report, rinse and repeat.

Not that there’s no danger. Rounding up the escapees comes with more than a little risk. But Greg trusts the people around him, especially Mitch Haldron. At the D.E.A.D. Mitch has pulled him out of the fire more times than he can count.

But everything is about to change: Mitch, solid, dependable, downright boring Mitch, has secret.

A secret that is about to come into the light.

A secret that will blow apart Greg Schorn’s world . . .

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